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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 17, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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this surveillance video has this surveillance video has a teacher in massachusetts in trouble this morning. it shows him dropping a live round in a stairwell and then coming back to record it. the teacher says he did it to prove that the school needs metal detectors. he's been ordered to stay away and was told he wasn't being renewed for another year. in the san francisco bay area, construction is under way on a suicide deterrent system for the golden gate bridge.
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>> it consists of hard level platforms to be installed below the walkway. anyone jumping will suffer bruises and broken bones, but will likely survive. the fda is recalling six kinds of tattoo inks because they could cause infections when injected into the skin that could lead to rashes, lesions and permanent scarring. in hawaii, the search is intensifying for a young woman who disappeared more than a week ago to go on a hike. >> this morning, we're hearing from the woman's boyfriend and looking at the video capturing the moments before she disappeared. here is matt gutman. >> reporter: new surveillances showing yoga instructor and hiker amanda eller, just moments before she finished a week ago.
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wearing yoga pants and flip-flops. her boyfriend, the last person she woke with, directing police to where he thought she might be. >> they found her car in the parking lot. >> reporter: inside her wallet and phone. her boyfriend is not considered a suspect. >> i had to go to the police station and take a lie detector test, which i passed. >> reporter: volunteers still searching the area. dense with trees and ravines. amanda's family believes she likely fell during that hike, might be unconscious now. and the forest is so lush, they can't find her through all of that foliage. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. uber and lyft drivers are
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reportedly organizing their own price hikes. our d.c. station talked to drivers who say that they prompted price hiking. they turned off their apps at the same time. >> that's meant to trick the app thinking there's no drivers available. the drivers say they schedule the turning off of the apps ahead of the arrival of planes. they claim that pay cuts have forced them into gaming the system. uber says it has safeguards in place to prevent it from happening. >> we both lived in washington at one point. it said because the drivers were making so little in rush hour traffic, it doesn't look like it would be worth it for the drivers. >> i watched that story and they talked to the lyft drivers. they were very up front.
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this is what we're doing. there's a leader who goes to each car, before turning the apps back on, then they turn it up and go. interesting there. coming up, we're checking in with brady silverwood, in the middle of his run across america. >> you're watching "world news now." test test
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around 700 kids entered the system today.
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just talking about foster care, can help foster care. i didn't know that. you like smooth jazz? ♪ i do not. yeah. donate your small talk. nobody does. we have an update on a young man we met just a couple weeks we have an update on a young man we met just a couple weeks ago. >> he's running from the jersey shore to california. will ganss checked on his progress. >> reporter: brady silverwood, a real-life forrest gump. now, two weeks and 100 miles into his trek to california. >> i'm doing better than i thought i would be doing. >> reporter: his snack game almost as strong as his cross country pace. >> i downed two slices of pizza and i have some pasta i'm going to get into. >> reporter: recovering with more than just comfort food.
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>> really treating my body well. icing and getting good compression on your muscles. >> reporter: some days are tough. >> the third day, i woke up and the body was not feeling good. >> reporter: some days are steps in a great direction. >> my grandma lives in norristown, pennsylvania. i added her retirement center to our route. she looked at me like, eyes like this. she's in her 90s. and i don't get to see her too often. it was such a special moment. >> reporter: and with days like that, brady not focusing on the finish line far away. brady is running to raise funds for mental health awareness. >> no matter what age you are and where you come from.
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this is a run for all kinds of people. >> will ganss, abc news, new york. you may not have to run to stay healthy. but you do have to walk fast. >> researchers found that people that walk briskly lived up to 15 years longer on average, than people who generally poked along at a more leisurely pace. >> that ratio held true even if the fast walkers were overweight. you have to put some pep in your step. >> a quick walkoff. can we get three over here? whoever gets back to the desk. >> let me start. >> on your mark, ready, set, go. >> we're just shadows. he knew how to get the hips into it. >> you have to walk really fast. we're not going to break for another seven seconds.
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and ask for your free decision guide.
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time now for "insomniac theater." two movies trying to unseat "avengers: endgame." >> "a dog's journey" where a dog keeps a promise to ethan, looking after ethan's granddaughter, c.j. >> finally. >> who is this? it's bailey. i'm a girl now. look. >> we wanted to see you. we want to see c.j. ethan, it's me, bailey. >> is that you, bus dog? >> it's me. it's me.
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it's me. >> reporter: "a dog's journey" is scoring 54% rotten tomatoes, saying, anyone who has ever loved a dog and said good-bye, this is therapeutic. weapons-grade tearjerker material for dog lovers. and keanu reeves is playing the third installment of john wick. he has a $14 million contract on his head. >> john wick, excomunicado is now in effect. >> you shouldn't be here. nice suit. >> good to see you, too.
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>> after this, we are less than even. >> there's no escape for you. the high table wants your life. >> keanu is working. that's good things. halle berry, laurence fishburne. getting 89%. the wow factor is off the charts. it's called bloody, brainles, fun. we like bloody, brainless fun. >> those movies, hoping to unseat "avengers: endgame." >> i don't think it will happen. >> we're just here on the side of our parent company, disney. side
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of our
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this morning on "world news now," a fighter jet crash caught on camera. >> an f-16 going through the roof. how the pilot is doing this morning. three people charged in the death of a pregnant teen whose baby was cut from her womb. new details on the case, plus the update on that baby. the largest class of black women in a military academy is about to graduate. plus sober curious bars are on the rise. we take you inside the movement to people who say, they don't need alcohol to have a good time. it's friday, may 17th. they don't need alcohol to have a good time.
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we'll see what friday night has to say about that. >> we have something for everyone. we start with the fighter jet crash in southern california. images as it fell to earth and into a warehouse in riverside. the pilot managed to save himself. >> there was no saving that warehouse. it made a massive hole in the roof and caused panic for workers inside. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: this is showing an f-16 before crashing, ripping a hole in this warehouse. the pilot coming in for landing, ejecting and surviving, according to authorities. you can see the seat and parachute there in the grass. firefighters staging nearby, but keeping a safe distance, worried that the airplane was full of ammunition. workers, incredibly able to escape.
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>> the sprinklers going off, the sirens going off. it was a mad house in there. i made a run for it. >> reporter: only one of his colleagues was injured. >> he was still conscious. a sprinkler or something hit him in the face. >> reporter: experts amazed it didn't ignite a fire. you can see sprinklers dousing the wreckage. the investigation just beginning. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> we'll continue to follow developments after that crash. president trump is spending the night in trump tower in new york. >> the president started his day
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sparring with mayor de blasio. he posted a video slamming the mayor's record. >> i can't believe it. i just heard the worst mayor in the history of new york city, and the worst mayor in the united states, now going to run for president. >> he called the president a bully and described him as a con man. the president's plan to reshape the immigration system is facing an uphill battle in congress. in a speech, he said we would consider high-skilled workers. he said americans won't compete for american jobs. >> future immigrants will be required to learn english and to pass a civics exam prior to admission.
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>> democrats are upset that it doesn't address dreamers, who were brought to the country illegally as children. and it didn't cut immigration rates as many conservative republicans would like. the battle over abortion is heating up across the country, as another state pushes another bill to be law. missouri's senate voted to ban abortions at eight weeks. and the governor is vowing to sign the bill. this comes after alabama bans virtually all abortions at any stage. on capitol hill, some democrats and republicans say that legislation goes too far. >> i don't want to be a fearmonger but i believe they are trying to go on a path that will dismantle roe v. wade.
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we have to express our concerns on this legislatively and on the grassroots level. >> there was exceptions, that's what republicans have voted on in this house. >> sponsors of the bill are hoping to propel this to the supreme court. but some see this to be too extreme for the high court to consider. the three people charged for the death of a pregnant teen are scheduled for a court appearance. brutally murdered and her unborn child taken from her three suspects under arrest.
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>> words cannot express how disgusting these allegations are. >> reporter: she communicated with a woman on facebook for free baby clothes and then vanished. paramedics racing to this home after a 46-year-old woman claimed to have just given birth. the newborn was actually ochoa lopez's baby. that young mother's body found yesterday at that home. >> i don't know how you can harm such a young, beautiful person. >> reporter: the 46-year-old woman and two other people in custody. ochoa lopez's family, devastated. the newborn is in grave condition. hiartbroken father is asking anyone to pray for his angel. the three people charged, the mother and daughter charged with first-degree murder.
3:07 am
and the mother's boyfriend, trying to conceal the crime. >> it was yesterday morning we were getting details about that in the newsroom. i out loud was shocked about the details of this case. it's unimaginable. >> praying for the child, for the family of the victim. the fact that it was an ad for free baby clothes led to this. unspeakable evil there. >> i.m. pei died. he designed the rock 'n' roll hall of fame building in cleveland. he won architecture awards
3:08 am
thhout his decades-long career. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 1992. he was 102. women will be making history at the united states military academy. >> west point holds its commencement a week from tomorrow. that day, class of 2019 will graduate 34 african-american women. and it also includes 19 hispanic women. which is a west point record, as well. and this year, the academy graduates its 5,000th female cadet. >> 119 women entered in west point in 1976. >> not long ago, it was 1980 an article was written saying, oversensitivity to the presence of women at west point on the part of staff and faculty has been disruptive. that was real backwards and stupid writing there.
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>> trying to turn things around. coming up, the man who walks people for a living. and jimmy carter out of the hospital and how he has plans this weekend. and a deputy trying to arrest the wrong man in his own front yard. you're watching "world news now." in his own front yard. you're watching "world news n now."
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it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. snowboarders and skiers are taking full adva snowboarders and skiers are taking full advantage of a winter-style storm dumping seven inches of new snow at squaw valley in california. a new storm is forecast for this weekend, bringing more snow to the mountains and rain at lower levels. you guys, we're looking at june, coming up. there you have it. more snow. that western storm is moving into the plains. >> expect storms from oklahoma to texas, with damaging winds, to texas, with damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes. the northeast will get showers with temperatures in the 70s and
3:13 am
80s. a texas man is considering his legal options after what is being called a case of mistaken identity. >> a deputy tried to arrest a black man in his own backyard in front of his children, believing he was a fugitive. but he's not. and his wife was there recording the whole thing. here is marcus moore. >> you don't know my name and tell me i have a warrant? >> reporter: clarence evans said he was racially profiled by police. he was playing with his kids in front of his home, and the officer stopped and said he had a warrant for his arrest. >> his name is not quentin. >> you stop in front of my house. >> i know who you are. >> what's my name? >> showing him my i.d. wouldn't have helped. he had in his mind i was quentin. >> he's not going nowhere.
3:14 am
>> reporter: after several minutes, another deputy arrives. and they show evans a photo of the man they're looking for. >> we're good. here's the deal. doesn't that look a lot like you? >> no. that doesn't look like me. >> he looked like he was in his 50s or 60s. only thing in common was dreds and skin. >> reporter: the deputy was responding to the report of a fugitive in the area. evans has hired an attorney. marcus moore, abc news, houston. jimmy carter has plans after being released from the hospital. >> he will be teaching his regular sunday school class. this comes just days after being released from the hospital from a broken hip. rosalynn carter was also released at the same time. she was in the hospital for feeling faint. >> he is known for being a sunday schoolteacher. he's done that for decades. after a fall like that, at that age, church is where you need to
3:15 am
go. coming up, a toddler's incredible story of survival. the 22-month-old boy surviving in the wilderness for three days. first, the modern day movement. what it means to go out and have a good time without alcohol. that's next on "world news now." hout alcohol. that's next on "world news now." ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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♪ sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name ♪
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the neighborhood bar getting some stiff competition. >> and not from stiff drinks, either. how about no drinks? a growing number of bar-hoppers is joining the sober curious moment. here's deborah roberts. >> reporter: it's the kind of party you don't want to miss. the music is pumping. the crowd jumping. except this is no ordinary night out. this party starts at the crack of dawn. this is day breaker. the buzz comes with a dose of mindfulness and no booze. it's one of a growing list of venues offering an alternative to drinking. they call themselves sober-curious. josh is one of them. >> i said, let me do november and december, no alcohol. i did it as an experiment and it made such a difference.
3:19 am
all right he heard when the sober curious movement through ruby warring ton who wrote a book by the same name. >> anyone who is questioning drinking is sober-curious. it requires thinking of yourself as a nondrinker. and from there, selectively, thinking about when you would engage in a drink. >> reporter: for those questioning the effect of alcohol in their lives, this has provided an alternative. a former consultants turned entrepreneur is now capitalizing on the sober curious movement. >> the only thing that is different is that those drinks don't have alcohol in them. >> reporter: customers seem to approve. >> it tastes like a complex gin and tonic but there was no alcohol at all. >> reporter: tonight josh and
3:20 am
boyfriend adam are getting ready for a night out on the town. it is not always easy. >> so many social activities are interred around alcohol. there is an underlying craving for these other spaces.y' h aal. >> i think a gur bar? >> reporter: founder sam wanted a space where he could hang with his brother, a recovering alcoholic. >> we don't call ourselves a sober bar. we are a bar. we don't have alcohol. >> reporter: the final consensus?
3:21 am
>> we stayed longer than we planned. >> reporter: as for josh? >> i think mentally and emotionally i feel much better. i feel clear-minded in terms of making decisions. and i haven't been hungover. >> that's a plus. here's to better health and no alcohol. i'm famous for saying, this is very good, if you put something in here, it would be better. >> we all have our own path. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm deborah roberts, new york. >> and deborah did a story on the dry january concept. >> they call it dry-uary. that definition of sober-curious. people in recovery, need to be
3:22 am
recovery. and those who drink notice how it has impacted them. stay with us. notice how it has impacted them. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ it's time for "the mix" on this friday morning. we're starting with -- it's not a dog walker. a people walker. >> oh. >> sounds like a new concept, right? when the guy posted about it, people thought he was joking. three years later, he has an app, a business staff and fellow people walkers. it's out in l.a., where nearly one-third of the city's households are one person. they're young and old, rich and poor. they might work from home so they're not around people at the office. they have one of those gigs where they're task rabbiting or delivering food for grub hub. so this people walker spends time with them. one person said it's cheaper than a gym membership, too.
3:26 am
>> you're getting that exercise. that's cool. you want to walk with me after the show? >> nope. how about this? a little home improvement for you, using ramen. this guy, he shoved a dry brick of ramen into the area they needed to fill up. you add water. >> my gosh. diy. >> wow. polka. what song are we doing? >> i will play it. you recite it. >> i need to know the tune. ♪ politics and foreign wars all of the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news polka" that's the "world news polka" ♪ ♪ it's the middle of the night
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and you're wide awake ♪ ♪ have some fun and be a pal every anchor guy and girl ♪ ♪ do "the world news polka" it's half past 3:00 ♪ ♪ tell them, that's news to me that's "the world news polka" ♪ ♪ tune in on abc and join us on our little joke ♪ ♪ five days every week, we're here with tongue in cheek ♪ ♪ that's "the world news polka" ♪ >> you have heard the song before. you are a song and dance man. ce man. ♪ >> you have heard the song before. you are a song and dance man.
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this morning on "world news now," a military jet crashes just feet from a busy freeway. the jet fell through the roof of a warehouse. how the pilot is doing and what went wrong. also this morning, a controversial immigration plan. president trump says america will welcome people with top talent rather than family ties. and the country braces for an influx at the border. the toddler who disappeared on mother's day is safe and sound with his family. hear the two words he said when rescuers got to him. who will be the new batman? a fair share of actors have played him in the past. who is now negotiating to be the new batman, this friday, may 17th.
3:31 am
good morning on this friday. >> holy cow. holy mackerel. >> holy schnikes. >> it's friday. finally. we'll start with the details of the fighter jet crash in california. >> the emergency happened at what was the end of a training mission. >> the pilot ejected before the plane slammed into that warehouse, injuring a dozen people and sending workers scrambling. as abc's matt gutman reports, amazingly, there was no explosion. >> reporter: the fighter jet slamming near march air base in california. >> a military airplane in our
3:32 am
building. >> reporter: this man was inside the warehouse. where the plane punched through, you can see the tail jutting above the smashed boxes. >> my co-worker told me to get out of there. >> reporter: you can see water shooting down. the pilot ejecting. authorities say he survived. that parachute billowing in the wind. we've seen images from inside that warehouse. the plane is completely destroyed. we're hearing that the pilot from the south dakota air national guard, he's going to be okay. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. turning to washington where president trump's plan is getting criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> it favors highly skilled and educated. there's no provision for the young dreamers who remain in limbo.
3:33 am
>> reporter: president trump with a new take on immigration. >> our proposal is pro-american, pro-immigrant and pro-worker. >> reporter: rolling out his new plan, college applicants and speak english. >> we have forged one people. >> reporter: that language, a big change from one month ago. >> our system is full. our country is full. can't come in. >> reporter: senior administration officials say this shows the president is not against immigrants but for legal immigration. using a point system that favors high skilled workers over family ties. of course, the campaign promise, building his promised border wall. but the plan says nothing about the millions of undocumented workers in the united states and the dreamers who came in as children. democrats and republicans say this plan has little chance of
3:34 am
getting through. >> it is a mockery of what america needs. >> it starts a negotiation, i hope. >> president trump acknowledging that reality. >> and if for some reason we can't get the democrats to approve this merit-based, high-security plan, we will get it approved immediately after the election. >> reporter: and while this plan won't change the total number of immigrant visas, it will alter how they're doled out, by slashing in half the number of humanitarian visas in order to increase the number of highly skilled workers. >> thanks to serena there. the department of homeland security plans to send an influx of migrant families to florida. >> officials were told to expect about 1,000 immigrants to arrive by plane every month until further notice. it is not clear who will pay to process and accommodate the
3:35 am
migrants. one accused the administration of targeting the biggest democratic counties. president trump's income was at least $434 million, slightly down from the year before. as democrats fight for the release of the tax returns. the trump hotel in washington brought in about $40 million. revenues from mar-a-lago dipped. and trump national doral resort was one of the biggest income sources for the president. new details about michael flynn's interviews on the russia investigation. unsealed documents said that flynn told people connected with the trump administration was trying to influence his cooperation with robert mueller. and he said that senior campaign
3:36 am
officials suggested reaching out to wikileaks. they want the justice department to unredact parts of the report. a judge ordered the former army intelligence analyst back behind bars because she refuses to testify. she will be held until she agrees to testify or until the term expires. manning said she would rather starve to death than cooperate with prosecutors. there's a criticism of students getting a score based on the environment they grew up. the college board says it plans to even the playing field so students with low-income backgrounds. but critics say it shows that colleges don't need tests like the s.a.t. the government is out with the climate prediction.
3:37 am
>> temperatures are likely to be warmer on both coasts. from dallas to chicago to minneapolis, we'll see rain and cooler-than-normal temperatures. the radar shows storm activity in the western states. snow in the sierra and the rockies. what you're seeing may look like winter in siberia. but that is actually northern california. the heavy machinery is out, grooming the slopes for the busy snowboarding weekend. plan on thunderstorms from minnesota to kansas and oklahoma to texas. warm and dry with highs in the 80s. taco bell is going to allow visitors to live more. >> they are opening up a hotel, the bell. a taco bell hotel and resort is coming in august. everything will be infused with a taco bell twist.
3:38 am
>> guests will get taco bell robes. the hotel starts taking reservations next month. i want the taco. i want the hair that i can grow shaped in a taco. >> you want a little bit of taco meat. >> okay. she got me. she got me. she got me. yeah. apparently the beds will be made of hard or soft shell tacos. >> you do have to be 18 or older to go. >> and make sure you have those packs of sauce. it could save your life. coming up, a big night in the nba playoffs. first, an ordinary night at this pizza shop until it wasn't. we'll show you how it ended. and in "the skinny," how the fashion industry is about to
3:39 am
honor barbie. you're watching "world news now."
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3:41 am
3:42 am
we're back with shocking we're back with shocking surveillance video. that suv plowed right into a pizza shop in a new jersey suburb of philadelphia. the 34-year-old woman behind the wheel is the daughter of the town's mayor. she's charged with driving under the influence and other counts. three people inside the restaurant suffered minor injuries. we're hearing details about another incredible story out of kentucky. >> a 22-month-old boy missing since sunday, found alive with only a few scrapes and scratches after surviving three days on his own in the wilderness. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: new images of little kenneth howard, moments after searchers found him. the boy found barefoot, wet and cold. >> we gave him gatorade. he chugged gatorade. he wanted a second one and he
3:43 am
chugged the second one. >> reporter: for three days, this community prayed. crews searching the dense woods. >> you saw the little blond hair and blue eyes. and he was alive, screaming at you, that's something that hits the heart. >> reporter: little kenneth, air-lifted to the hospital, where he's eating on his own and is expected to make a full recovery. how in the world does this 22-month-old navigate this terrain? >> this kid is a mountain kid. he done well for where he ended up with. >> reporter: rescuers said they didn't believe a kid kenneth's age could climb to where he was found. he had two words for rescuers when they found him. mommy, daddy. t.j. holmes, abc news, kentucky. >> incredible little kenneth is okay and doing well. glad he is doing okay. shoutout to kenneth.
3:44 am
>> the big kenneth here. in the nba, the west final ended with a curry showdown. >> seth curry got the lead over the warriors. seconds later, seth makes the nice pass to the dunk there. golden state won 114-111 to take a 2-0 games lead. two milwaukee stations won't play songs by toronto native drake until the series is over. drake has been accused of being cursed. you probably heard this before. any player or team he supports or is photographed with goes on to lose anyway. >> is this fair for drake? >> champagne papi. he posted his thirst trap. >> thirst trap.
3:45 am
>> you're in the gym, look at what i lost. thirst trap. >> like your ensemble. when we come back, breaking news -- you like that, ken? breaking news in "the skinny." the sex symbol about to become batman. and what tiffany haddish did for the fifth time. "the skinny" is next. . "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ batman, batman holy surprise pick, batman, it's time for "the skinny." starting with breaking "skinny" news. >> about batman. he's been portrayed by the most actors. it was adam west, to michael keaton, george clooney, christian bale, and ben affleck.
3:48 am
>> according to "variety" magazine, former "twilight" heartthrob, robert pattinson. he is already in negotiations for the upcoming film, which is set to hit theaters in 2021. >> can we have the graphics one more time? >> he's like -- >> that's right here. kapow. >> let me hit her. shoutout to lance, our director. next, big news from justin bieber and ed sheeran. >> and we just saw their collaboration, i don't care. if the trailer is any
3:49 am
indication, the video will be a nice feast for the eyes there, from sheeran in a panda suit, to bieber dressed as a cowboy and a teddy bear. next, to actress and comedian, tiffany haddish. we love her so much but she is staying true to form. >> she is known for recycling her $4,000 dress. now she is rocking the dress for the fifth time. >> if you spend that money on a dress like that, it costs all that money, wear it. >> yes. >> do you recycle outfits for this show? >> i said i think i've worn the same thing four times. but i'm not buying it all. >> oh, tell the people your secret. >> i'm snatching it. five-finger discount. no, it is a service.
3:50 am
>> you should ask tiffany haddish to borrow that. she is sitting down for the david letterman show. and she poked a little fun at david's beard. >> have you ever done any of those ancestry tests. >> yeah. >> i want to know if you're related to somebody on the north pole. >> comparing dave to santa. his second season guests include kanye west, lewis hamilton. and i saw a clip of his interview with kanye west. and he asks him if velcro was invented first, would there be zippers. >> that's a tough one. next, a special honor for a
3:51 am
style icon.. >> yes, barbie. we're talking about the doll. she's turning 60 years old this year. and next month, the council of fashion designers of america will have its tribute award for the culture. >> past recipients include gloria steinem and michelle obama. they will also honor jennifer lopez with a fashion icon award. and check out the theater raising the bar for luxury seating. >> a swiss theater just took movie watching to a luxurious level. full-fledge beds. >> it starts with a wine and champagne bar and gourmet foods. >> the theater assures customers that the beds are freshly made between screenings, they say. and when asked about worries of hanky panky, the theater says they've had no problems so far.
3:52 am
>> so theater and chill. >> i guess so. fancy. fancy.
3:53 am
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♪ inside out livin' la vida loca ♪ it's hard to believe but ricky martin's "livin' la vida loca" was a hit 20 years ago today. >> these are his moves. here's is our weekly friday rewind. >> huge hail shaving leaves off of trees in raleigh, north carolina. >> mississippi's governor declaring a state of emergency, floodwaters washing out roads and train tracks. >> a near-brush with death. a helicopter pilot escaping this crash in new york city.
3:56 am
watch as the chopper spins into the hudson river. onboard, the 34-year-old pilot was able to escape. that pilot, walking away with only a cut to his hand. >> terrifying video of the drama high above the streets of oklahoma city. a lift swinging violently out of control, smashing the devon tower. two window washers hold on. a team of firefighters throws a rope to the workers to stabilize the lift, bringing an end to that horrific ride. >> we were given an exclusive look inside notre dame cathedral after that devastating fire. >> you can see historical altar in the cathedral is intact. the stained glass. giant rose windows survived. >> doris day died at the age of 97.
3:57 am
she will be associated with the decades of delight she provided to music and movie audiences. ♪ que sera sera whatever will be will be ♪ >> and here is the back story. he asked to do you wash your legs when you take a shower. >> an estimated 160,000 people who responded are not. >> ken, real quick, do you wash your legs? >> no. >> but he shaves them. >> that's it. that's it. >> we're done. >> the antics. >> we're not done yet. >> and this weekend, big events. the preakness. >> and the e-n-d of "got." the finale. >> and the pga championship.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, a fighter jet crashes into a building in california through the roof. the jet sticking out of the rubble. the pilot ejecting but 12 others injured. evacuations ordered. a highway shut down. this morning, the new video and the search for what went wrong. on the warpath? president trump reportedly telling the pentagon he does not want war with iran but overseas rising tensions. what we've now learned about cruise missiles seen on iranian boats in the persian gulf. the s.a.t. exam now announcing a new adversity score to reflect where they live and the crime in their neighborhoods. will it help level the playing field?


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